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A place for nature-based pediatric occupational therapists to get grounded and grow through community.

Grounded to Grow is an intentional community retreat, where each attendee contributes to the success of the event.  We arrive as equals and colleagues, embracing an abundance mindset, open sharing, a willingness to give more than we expect to receive, and the intention to lift each other up as people, professionals, and business owners.  

group of therapists at the nature based therapy retreat

2023 Nature Based Therapy Retreat Details are Here!

🌳August 24-27, 2023

🌳The retreat starts with dinner at 6:00 on the 24th and ends after lunch (1:00ish) on the 27th.  

🌳Held at the Loyola Retreat & Ecology Campus in Woodstock IL, about a 50 minute drive from the Chicago O’Hare International airport

🌳Registration includes housing and food

🌳Limited to just 30 licensed pediatric occupational therapists currently working outdoors with kids for skilled therapy services

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pediatric occupational therapists cooking biscuits over the fire
therapists sitting in overside chairs in a circle getting to know each other during a welcome session at the Grounded to Grow retreat
therapists attending a retreat session on tarps outside under an oak tree
2 tables of therapists enjoying a meal together at the retreat center for the Grounded to Grow nature based therapy retreat
retreat attendees sitting and standing around a fire pit with a s'mores station nearby
Two small groups of therapists sitting on the floor working on a craft and having discussion at the nature based therapy retreat
cut up citrus and peaches for open fire cooking at the nature based therapist retreat
tin can lantern made at the grounded to grow retreat
Location for the Grounded to Grow occupational therapy retreat

What to Expect at the 2023 Grounded to Grow Retreat

🦋 Grounded sessions supporting our connection to nature, theory, ourselves, and each other.

🌿 Grow sessions to inspire our work, business, interventions, and professional advancement.  

🐞 Guided conversations, hands on experiences, and interactive learning sessions & opportunities.

🌲 A sales-free space.  No self or business promotion, only open sharing and swapping. 

🦉 Small group, conversation-rich connections.

☀️Indoor and outdoor sessions based on the weather and session theme.  

2023 Nature Based Therapy Retreat Coordinators

a retreat coordinator reviewing the daily agenda in front of a white board at the nature based therapy retreat

Marika Austin, Owner of Bearfoot Occupational Therapy

pediatric occupational therapist that works outdoors with kids doing a nature-inspired crafted at the retreat

Kate Davis, Owner of Adaptations Unlimited

Nature based therapists posing for a photo around the fire at the therapist retreat called Grounded to Grow

Angela Rosenburg, Owner of Treeline Enrichment


Reach out to any of the retreat coordinators on Instagram to get answers to your questions about the Grounded to Grow nature based therapy retreat.  A comprehensive information packet is available after February 1st and will be shared via email to everyone on the email list.